It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire ten years since Aussie legends Regurgitator last set foot in University of Sydney’s Manning Bar, and quite frankly, it’s a combination that I need to see more of. The room was filled with thirty-something’s, re-enacting the last time they saw the band when they, presumably, were still in university.

Capturing the early crowd with a minimalistic charm (and a great mo’) were the duo Polish Club, who have recently been solidifying themselves in the Sydney music scene. They sound as if The Black Keys had been thrusted into the 1950s, desperately attempting to adhere to the pop melodies of that time, but with too much energy, manifesting itself in songs twice the speed.

Next up were the most confusing band I think I’ve ever witnessed – Godswounds. Confusing is usually inherently linked to a bad experience, but this was anything but. I could only describe them as a Nintendo soundtrack being played by a ska band. The eclectic and mismatched seven-piece captivated audiences with their witty banter and undeniably odd, yet sophisticated sound.

Regurgitator are truly a band that thrives in the live setting; leaping onto the stage rocking golden capes and handle-bar moustaches, it became clear that they were here to do one job – to entertain. And that they did. As they sifted through classics from Unit, to newer (respective to Gurge) tunes like All Fake Everything and I Sucked A Lot of Cock To Get Where I Am, the crowd was mesmerised, bouncing to every beat and not missing a single word. If you have doubt about the effect that Quan Yeomans and Ben Ely have on the crowd then know this – they successfully made every person in the venue sing “I will lick your arsehole”. It was a sophisticated evening, to say the least.

They might be twenty-two years old, but Regurgitator still undeniably holds a steady place in the live Australian music scene, proving that it doesn’t matter how old a band is – if they know how to perform, they’ll be around for a long while.

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