Live Review: Fight Club with Popcorn Therapy


Curious Cartel is a relatively new film experience, and on Saturday I got to see what all the fuss was about surrounding their new event Popcorn Therapy. Here’s the jist of Popcorn Therapy – a secret screening of a secret film is held somewhere in a secret location within Sydney… secretly. You know nothing of the event, just a location and time to meet and if you’re attentive, some clues along the way.

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My Top 5 Parks and Recreation Episodes Ever

Parks and Recreation

Yes, I’m still in tears over the last episode of one of our favourite comedies, NBC’s Parks and Recreation. I’ve been desperately trying to ignore the fact that I will never be seeing my favourite crew in action again – so instead, I’ve been rewatching every episode to repress this post-Parks depression. In the spirit and respect for one of my favourite television shows, I’ve compiled a list of the best episodes of Parks and Recreation to date.

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