Film Review: Petting Zoo (USA, 2015)


To the untrained eye, Petting Zoo presents itself as your typical coming-of-age story told through the perspective of a pregnant teenager – a trope that has been documented countless times in today’s cinema. However, this film explores the issue of teenage pregnancy through an impoverished Texan youth, delivering a perspective that is separated entirely from politics and instead focusing on the poignant journey of the protagonist, leaving the viewer in an emotional mess.

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Interview: Arj Barker (USA) chats comedy and previews his new show ‘Get In My Head’


Australia’s favourite American comedian, Arj Barker is back on our shores with his new show Get In My Head. Before he begins his new run of shows in Melbourne, I had a chat with Arj about Australia’s adoption of him, non-sexually derived boners, and how his content has changed over the years.

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Does Being Snubbed By The Academy Really Matter?


The snubbing of Selma in the Best Director category has brought outrage to black and feminist communities around the world, reigniting the idea that these minorities are still under constant scrutiny from the world of film. Still, it stands that no black woman has ever been nominated for a Best Director Oscar, a fact that won’t be changing this year. Though this has sparked much outrage, the question should not necessarily be why this film was disregarded in Oscar nominations. Rather, it should be does it necessarily matter whether it was snubbed, especially given the history of well-regarded films that were not nominated for Oscars.

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