FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week: VULI


Hailing from Sydney’s inner west, VULI is the ultimate jack of all trades. As a producer, songwriter, saxophonist and designer, VULI cultivates a unique blend of sounds from a range of influences – including Afro rhythms, bass heavy beats, and electronic production, resulting in a distinctly international sound.

He’s also one third of True Vibenation, so you might already be familiar with his long dreadlocks and massive grin.

VULI’s new track, ‘The Upstart’, combines thick electronic basslines with the rhythms of his African heritage. While the influence of traditional culture is strong, the bright, bouncy production gives the track all the hallmarks of contemporary club banger.

A gifted designer, VULI has combined his talents to create a unique way of visualising what his music looks like. Accompanying each song is a visual beat pattern that can be read from left to right like a music sheet. Born from a desire to make music more tangible, these ‘visual beat patterns’ are inspired by the patterns found in the paintings and beadwork of his cultural heritage, the Ndebele people of Zimbabwe.

2016 will see VULI releasing more music, designs, and playing solo shows, putting a fresh and distinct stamp on the Sydney music scene. Keep both eyes on this one – we’re expecting colourful things!



Tune in to Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

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